Vp Harris Says Her Biggest Failure Is Not Getting Away From DC More


In a new interview, Vice President Kamala Harris stated her greatest mistake is not venturing outside of DC more often, despite record-breaking illegal immigration statistics and tales of White House discord.

In recent polls, the vice president’s popularity rating has plummeted as low as 28%, far below Biden’s own dismal ratings, and her office is seeing a personnel departure amid claims that Harris is unfriendly to subordinates.

Harris has been chastised for relying on a small group of advisers, and her relationship with Biden and possible Democratic Party challengers is being intensively scrutinized owing to speculation that Biden, 79, would not seek re-election.

The Vice President used her response about moving out of DC to argue that she and Biden had forged a deep bond through working for hours on end doing Zooms in the same room, while also expressing her concern of staying in a bubble.

She further insisted that the Covid-19 is already happening way before her and President Joe Biden entered the office, hence, they have to do most of their work via Zoom and other online facilities.

Vice President Kamala Harris went on: “People have a right to know and believe that their government actually sees and hears them. And my biggest concern is I don’t ever want to be in a bubble when it comes to being aware of and in touch with what people need at any given moment in time.”