Dad Who Mocked Biden on Live TV Announces Future Political Plans


It seems like the father who called President Joe Biden on Christmas Eve, and ended the conversation with “Let’s Go Brandon” has now revealed that he is thinking about running for political office.

Jared Schmeck is an Oregonian and former officer of the police. He shared the news on Tuesday’s interview with “The Todd Starnes Show”.

Schmeck answered the question about running for office by saying, “I want to pray over it, see what God will have for me.”

“At the end of the day, I want His will for my life and the direction that it goes. And I strongly believe that standing up is the right thing to do here as long as that message that I’m portraying is glorifying His name. And yeah, I’ll see where it goes,” he continued to add.

Watch The Video Here Incase You Missed It:

The humorous headline that Schmeck used to play on “F*** Joe Biden’ was popular among Americans. Schmeck’s joke was criticized by Democrats and Liberal activists.

Schmeck Also Ended Up Reciving Multiple Threats After This Joke.