Biden Admin Is Allowing Millions Of Untested Migrants In The US


On Thursday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow, Mark Morgan, a former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, said that the Biden administration exempts migrants crossing the southern border from coronavirus testing and vaccine mandates while imposing such mandates on Americans.

“[Joe Biden] said that it’s unpatriotic for you not to get a vaccine. Meanwhile, it’s this president’s policies that have incentivized two million apprehensions during his first eleven and a half months of office. Another number that’s very important: 600,000 got-aways, That’s 600,000 illegal aliens that have broken into our country and invaded, and why? Because 60, 70 percent of our Border Patrol resources are pulled off the front line, pulled off the national security mission to process two million [migrants].” Morgan remarked. 

Morgan claims that since Biden’s inauguration, none of the migrants crossing the US-Mexico border have been examined for vaccinations or tested for COVID-19.

“Three million [migrants] in 12 months that tried to illegally enter our country,” he stated, “and guess what? Guess how many are being tested, and guess how many are being mandated to be vaccinated. Zero. So of the three million that have attempted — the six hundred thousand that have been successful, the other six, seven hundred thousand that this administration has allowed in to illegally enter — they’re not testing them, nor is there any vaccine mandate for those individuals, and they’re being flown to every town, city, and state in this country. On what planet does that make sense? ””