US Ties with Taiwan will Likely Lead to War


The American Globalist Empire’s Sauron-like gaze remains fixed on Ukraine, where it plans to fight a battle despite its citizens having no interest to do so. Meanwhile, the Red Chinese, America’s true enemy,  is continuing to probe Taiwan’s defenses.

The CCP took advantage of the lack of attention from the rest of the world to launch the largest probe into Taiwan’s Air Space since October. It sent almost 40 warplanes to test Taiwan’s air defenses, as Chinese ships encircled it.

The truth is that while America does not have the treaty to protect Ukraine, it does have one in place to help Taiwan defend itself. Although the treaty is vague, many of our political leaders insist that it means that the US will intervene if the CCP attacks Taiwan.

Although we may not be thinking about it too much, the Chinese are making a statement that it could lead them to war. In particular, Qin Gang, China’s ambassador, spoke out during an interview on NPR.

If the Taiwanese authorities, emboldened by the United States, keep going down the road for independence, it most likely will involve China and the United States, the two big countries, in a military conflict.

He also attacked Taiwan for “walking down a road to independence” and claimed that Taiwan’s desire to not be part of Red China could have been the spark for the war. Furthermore, he called Taiwan the “biggest fireball between China and the United States.”

He’s probably correct in that. The US has supplied Taiwan with F-16 fighter jets, tanks, anti-tank and air missiles as well as high-tech F-16 fighter aircraft models. The US also stationed special operations troops and Marines in Taiwan to help the country train its forces to defend the rocky island against the CCP intruders.

But, just because he is right does not mean that the US should cease supplying these weapons and training those forces. The CCP thrives off weakness which it is able to exploit well. The US should not back down and give them the opportunity to attack. There is no reason to believe they won’t suffer the consequences.

Instead, they should be shouting louder about this or that issue, as it is a sign our tactics are working to frustrate their ambitions or twist their arms. They may be furious at the arms we provide to Taiwan. This could indicate that they fear these weapons will defeat their forces. If they complain about our ties with Taiwan, it means that they believe those ties will be decisive in a war. We should not retreat from their complaints, but press harder when they complain.

China wants Taiwan to reunite and they see the US as a major obstacle. Losing Taiwan would mean that the US, a nation that is a major producer of microchips, will be gone. This would also end the possibility of a China free from the United States. This fight against the Chinese communists, unlike Ukraine, is worth it.