George Soros Has a Plan to Save the Dems in the Midterms


With the left’s chances of winning the upcoming midterm elections dwindling, liberals have been scratching their heads to come up with a solution.

They’ve tried to create a phony voting rights dispute, but it’s not working.

They’ve tried to claim that the economy is doing better than ever, but that’s not working either, with inflation reaching historic highs.

Now, lefty billionaire George Soros has a plan in place, as well as a large sum of money, to assist Democrats win this year.

Soros is a millionaire liberal who supports the globalist agenda, which calls for a unified world government in which everyone is compelled to become progressive.

He has gotten involved in numerous American elections in the past and is close to the Democratic Party’s top leaders.

Soros is one of the world’s wealthiest men, having amassed his fortune through stock and currency speculation, among other things.

Now, he’s using the most powerful tool he has: money, to aid his side in the next elections.

The money, according to Soros, is all about bolstering democracy and advancing the cause of voting rights and civil liberties.

Soros’ son Alexander will oversee the fund, which he claims is all about safeguarding democracy.

When the extreme left uses these words, they usually signify the exact opposite of the word that is being used.

In this context, democracy implies the Democrats are in power; voting rights imply that elections are rigged; and civil liberties mean that the cultural and economic left has more power and rights than ordinary Americans.