US Defense Secretary Gives Congress Dire Warning

Congress NOTIFIED - Dire Warning Issued!


On December 5, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin cautioned the House of Representatives in a closed-door briefing, stating that the likelihood of deploying American troops to Eastern Europe increases if additional assistance to Ukraine is not approved.

In an interview with The Messenger after receiving the briefing from Austin and other officials of the Biden administration, House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas, conveyed that the defense secretary presented a grave cautionary message.

He clarified that Austin informed legislators that if Ukraine were to fall, Russia could assert control over Georgia, Moldova, and the Baltic states. McCaul further stated that Austin emphasized the importance of avoiding the deployment of troops to these nations, asserting that the most effective preventive measure is providing assistance to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Despite Austin’s warnings, many Republican lawmakers, hesitant to provide additional aid to Kyiv without increased transparency and accountability, remained unconvinced. House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, informed The Messenger that it is uncertain whether lawmakers find Austin’s answers satisfactory.

The White House has requested the House of Representatives to endorse a $106 billion package for Ukraine, supplementing the already allocated $113 billion to assist Kyiv in its conflict against Russian forces. According to California Republican Representative John Duarte, the briefing by Austin was orchestrated and formulaic, as mentioned to The Messenger.

He expressed the view that Austin and other officials from the Biden administration were unsuccessful in persuading those who remain doubtful about providing additional assistance to Ukraine. When pressed for details, Duarte informed the media outlet that the arguments presented were neither enlightening nor compelling. He added that the statements made by the Secretary of Defense and other officials were essentially a reiteration of what Americans have already seen on the news.