Rock Legend Has Passed Away at 79

He's DEAD - Rock LEGEND Lost!


The rock music community mourns the loss of Denny Laine, a prominent figure in The Moody Blues and co-creator of Wings. Laine passed away at 79, leaving a void in the music world.

Elizabeth Hines, the wife of Denny Laine, announced the sorrowful news on Instagram. She revealed that her husband peacefully departed as she played his beloved Christmas songs beside him. Hines disclosed that Laine had been in the intensive care unit (ICU), relying on a ventilator to combat Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD), the condition that tragically led to his demise.

Hines conveyed that Denny displayed unwavering strength and courage, fighting each day without complaint. She expressed appreciation for the love and support they received during Laine’s health struggle.

Additionally, she expressed gratitude to the dedicated medical team for their tireless efforts and compassion. Hines also reflected on Laine’s influence in her life, describing him as a remarkable individual who infused vibrancy into her days.

Commencing his musical odyssey at a young age, Laine drew inspiration from jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. He played a pivotal role as a founding member of The Moody Blues in 1964, gaining recognition for their chart-topping track, “Go Now.”

In a conversation with Billboard, Laine discussed that in the initial stages of The Moody Blues, there was a carefree atmosphere, and the band further developed and embraced that dynamic. He conveyed appreciation to Mike and Ray for convincing him to become a part of their band, as it not only led him away from Birmingham but also opened up new avenues of opportunity.

McCartney honored Laine, reminiscing about their shared experiences and emphasizing Laine’s skill, sense of humor, and supportive demeanor.

The impact of Denny Laine as a vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist will echo through the annals of rock history, leaving behind a rich legacy of music and cherished memories.