Trans Model Rose Montoya Goes Topless During White House Pride Party After Meeting Biden

Trans Activist Goes Topless During White House Pride Party!


Transgender advocate and popular TikTok personality Rose Montoya recently participated in the Pride event held at the White House. During the event, Montoya had the opportunity to take photos with President Joe Biden and Jazz Jennings, a well-known advocate for transgender youth. Additionally, Montoya joined another individual who has undergone a double mastectomy and identifies as a man in a topless photo.

It is important to note that Pride at the White House is intended to be a family-friendly event, and there were children and families in attendance during the celebrations. Montoya joined the enthusiastic crowd on the White House lawn, actively engaging in the festivities by listening to speeches and capturing empowering selfies. Towards the conclusion of President Biden’s speech, Montoya stepped forward, elegantly draped in a transgender flag, at the edge of the stage.

The video footage starts by showing Montoya receiving a warm welcome at the White House before joyfully heading towards the ongoing celebrations. On stage, President Biden addresses the crowd, expressing his well wishes for Pride month, extending the sentiment to encompass the entire year and lifetime.

During the Pride celebration on Saturday, President Biden adorned the White House with a Progress Pride flag, with the American flags positioned on either side appearing relatively smaller in comparison. This arrangement gave the impression that they were somewhat overlooked or secondary, especially when juxtaposed with the distinctively patterned flag representing diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

The video depicts President Biden and his wife Jill addressing the crowd enthusiastically, expressing a sense of being embraced and valued at the White House. Montoya had the opportunity to meet President Biden and took a selfie together, while also advocating for transgender rights by stating “trans rights are human rights.” However, it is claimed that this phrase is used to promote controversial measures such as transgender participation in women’s sports, use of women’s bathrooms, and the redefinition of women’s identities.

For Montoya, Biden’s message of acceptance apparently led to the decision to remove their tops and proudly display their feminized breasts for the camera.

Subsequently, Montoya proceeded to go topless, playfully interacting with their breasts, and shaking them. Accompanying Montoya was a transgender man striking a strong pose traditionally associated with masculinity, proudly revealing their mastectomy scars.

Montoya, similar to Biden, supports the idea of allowing minors to undergo gender reassignment procedures. Montoya had a photo opportunity with Jazz Jennings, who underwent a transition as a child that was documented on a reality television show. Jennings went through the process of receiving puberty blockers, followed by cross-sex hormones. However, due to insufficient penile tissue, Jennings could not undergo a vaginoplasty procedure to create a functional vagina.

As a result of this treatment path, Jennings will never experience orgasm or be able to conceive children. Nevertheless, for Montoya and Biden, this outcome aligns with their understanding of affirmation.

Subsequently, the White House released a statement indicating that individuals who appeared nude in the video would not be extended an invitation to future events.