Protester Rushes Trump Motorcade in Miami

Protester RUSHES Trump Motorcade - Learns Painful Lesson!


Former President Donald Trump was required to appear at a federal courthouse in Miami for his arraignment in the case involving classified documents. Although cameras were not permitted inside the courthouse, as is customary in federal courthouses, the president’s motorcade was captured arriving at the courthouse.

A large number of supporters, including many from the local Cuban community, gathered in significant numbers to voice their support for him. Approximately half of the supporters, as reported by Julio Rosas from Townhall, were of Latino descent. They enthusiastically chanted slogans such as “Let’s Go Brandon” and “Cubans for Trump.”

However, alongside the supporters, there were also some members of Antifa who staged protests against him.

During the proceedings, Trump entered a plea of not guilty for all the charges brought against him.

After departing from the courthouse, he made a stop at the renowned Cafe Versailles, a popular gathering place for the Cuban community. There, he was greeted with birthday wishes as his birthday coincided with Flag Day on June 14. Inside the restaurant, some individuals, including a rabbi, offered prayers for his well-being. Demonstrating his generous nature, he exclaimed, “Food for everyone!” and treated people to a meal. Additionally, he took a photograph alongside Jorge Masvidal, a Cuban-American MMA fighter, whom he commended as an exceptional champion.

This event showcased Trump’s characteristic ability to persevere in the face of adversity and connect with the people, who were all expressing their support and good wishes.

However, it should be noted that there were also minor incidents or conflicts that arose after he left the courthouse.

While the motorcade was departing from the courthouse, a protester suddenly leaped in front of it, brandishing a sign. This individual, dressed in a striped jumpsuit resembling prison attire, seemed to align with the left side of the political spectrum. The sign he held read, “Lock him up,” presumably referring to President Trump. However, this proved to be an ill-advised action, as the Secret Service and Trump’s security personnel promptly intervened, swiftly apprehending and removing him from the vicinity of the motorcade.