New Constitutional Amendment Proposed To Target Gun Rights

New Constitutional AMENDMENT Might Target Gun Rights!


The US Constitution is commonly referred to as a “living document” because it can be modified by lawmakers when they deem it necessary. Over the course of American history, legislators have made 27 amendments to the Constitution. However, no amendments have been made since 1992 when the 27th Amendment was ratified. It is worth noting that the process for this amendment had actually commenced 202 years prior, setting a record for the longest ratification period.

Currently, California’s governor, who holds liberal views, intends to introduce a new change to the Constitution. Nevertheless, his proposal is likely to face opposition from supporters of gun rights who may not be pleased with it.

Governor Gavin Newsom (D) put forward a new amendment to the Constitution on June 8. In a press release, it was stated that the proposed amendment aims to incorporate gun control measures that have garnered support from individuals across the political spectrum. 

These safety regulations encompass a ban on assault weapons, the implementation of a waiting period for firearms, the introduction of universal background checks, and an increase in the minimum age for purchasing firearms to 21.

Newsom emphasized that the Constitution allows the United States to continually strive for a more perfect union. Hence, he proposed the amendment while assuring that the Second Amendment would remain unaltered. He expressed a desire to uphold tradition in this process.

In order to achieve the ratification of the proposed amendment, California, along with 33 other states, would need to organize a convention and put forth the 28th Amendment as a proposal. The announcement highlights California’s intention to become the first state to convene such a convention to initiate the process of making changes to the Constitution. 

State Senator Aisha Wahab (D) praised Governor Newsom as a proactive individual who, in her view, possesses the determination to address what she describes as the “gun fetish culture” in the United States.

It has been reported that Newsom plans to collaborate with grassroots supporters, elected officials, civic leaders, and diverse coalitions throughout the country to encourage other states to follow a similar course of action.

In a statement to Fox News, Erich Pratt, the senior vice president of Gun Owners of America, expressed that activists have consistently cautioned against the elimination of the Second Amendment. He asserted that Newsom’s proposal openly acknowledges his intention to do just that. Pratt further mentioned that his organization will persist in safeguarding and reinstating gun rights for all American citizens.

While Newsom’s amendment does not seek to abolish the Second Amendment, it does aim to establish obstacles for individuals seeking to legally acquire firearms.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) reacted to the proposal, characterizing it as a mere publicity stunt that showcases Newsom’s extreme disdain for the right to self-defense. The organization highlighted that California does not rank as the safest state in the nation and asserted that the governor has prioritized the interests of criminals while penalizing law-abiding citizens.