Tensions with Russia Needlessly Increase


On Thursday, Michael Carpenter, the US ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, added to the tensions by telling reporters that we are in the midst of a European security catastrophe and the sound of war is growing louder.

He stated that: “There’s close to 100,000 troops on the Russian side of its border with Ukraine. Their presence and the live fire measures being carried out are raising many questions about Moscow’s intention.”

The actual reason for the rise in hostilities, according to one Carpenter, is that NATO, particularly the US, is acting irrationally.

Russia is not planning an invasion, to be clear. Even though soldiers were deployed and exercising along the border, there were no other signs of an invasion; even the CIA in the United States has stated that it has not concluded that Ukraine will be invaded. In a display of goodwill, Russia recently pulled troops from the border.

Furthermore, the US is not operating in a rational manner in the negotiations. It’s putting pressure on Putin rather than negotiating in good faith.