Supreme Court Gives Lethal Blow to Biden’s Vaccine Mandate


Biden’s vaccine requirement against private corporations was struck down by the US Supreme Court, with all six conservative judges voting against it. His vaccine demand against healthcare personnel, on the other hand, was upheld by the Supreme Court.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) did not have the power to implement these rules, according to the American Supreme Court.

Consequently, the court viewed the mandate as an intrusion into people’s life, as it imposed mandates on all employees, regardless of their vocation or risk of contracting COVID.

While criticizing OSHA, the justices said in their decision that this is the agency’s worst measure of its sort since its founding in 1970.

As a result, the judges believed that allowing the requirement would result in OSHA’s authority being expanded without congressional permission.

This edict, according to Fox News’ Jeremy Dys, is illogical and defies common sense. Additionally, according to Dys, if Biden truly wants to enact the mandate, he should bring it before Congress and have it passed by both chambers, despite the fact that his own party controls both.

Biden is under the impact of raw power consumption, which he has been doing since the outbreak began.

Autocratic lords, Dys said, demand that they be obeyed at all times because they want people to blindly obey them. This is precisely what Biden is doing.

Two conservative justices, including Chief Justice John Roberts and Brett M. Kavanaugh, joined three liberal justices in voting in favor of the requirement for healthcare workers.

Republicans, according to Brad Woodhouse, a former official of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and Barack Obama’s right-hand man, aim to make people sick and die. The Supreme Court, he claims, aided Republicans in this.