Strange Concrete Wall Being Erected Around White House Lawn


On Twitter, there are several videos showing white concrete barricades being erected around the White House’s front yard. The video shows a digger erecting K-Rails, which are white concrete barriers. The K-Rails would subsequently be covered with lengthy lengths of white plywood by construction workers.

K-Rails have been resurrected in the past when international leaders visit town, but according to Biden’s agenda, no meetings with foreign authorities are planned. Andrew Leyden, a YouTuber known for shooting the DC area, also captured footage of the ongoing construction.

Leyden posted a video to his YouTube channel titled “New White House construction underway as diggers arrive and Marine One takes Biden out of town.” In the film, Leyden explains how a construction worker informed him that the K-Rails (Jersey barriers) were being utilized to protect an ongoing water fountain project.

Even though they have reporters on the ground in the DC region, the White House has yet to comment on the ongoing construction, and major news networks including Fox, CNN, and MSNBC have all kept away from the topic. What makes the story even more odd is that all live broadcasts of the White House that were being broadcast were abruptly turned off during the construction.

As many recall, DC resembled a military battle zone in the days following the January 6th incident. The Supreme Court, the Capitol Building, and the White House were all surrounded by fences. Due to COVID-19 procedures, those same fences remained in place until Biden was inaugurated in front of a tiny throng.