Liberal TV Show Now In Really Big Trouble


After failing to locate a permanent Republican co-host to replace Meghan McCain, the liberal ABC daytime show “The View” was mocked online. It turns out that few individuals want to appear on a one-sided show that makes open and honest debate difficult.

According to Politico, the current standing co-hosts have expressed their dissatisfaction with the seemingly endless rotating door of guest co-hosts since McCain’s departure in the summer, and have put more pressure on executive producer Brian Teta to find a permanent replacement.

According to the site, the show will continue to audition possible presenters and will bring back certain prior guest hosts, such as Alyssa Farah, but will also welcome others, such as Bari Weiss and Lisa Ling, who aren’t widely regarded as true conservatives.

Previous complaints from a group of former conservative co-hosts, including McCain, that they were pressured by other co-hosts and ABC management were addressed in the study, and it was observed that such a perception didn’t help the search.