Democratic Mayor Gets in Brutal Car Accident

Top Democrat In BRUTAL Car Accident!


Last week, a fortunate incident occurred where a progressive mayor managed to avoid significant harm when her vehicle was engaged in a road collision. It appears that the mayor’s driver was at fault for the incident, and to compound matters, she was traveling in a law enforcement vehicle at the time.

Michelle Wu, the mayor of Boston, was being transported in a police cruiser on June 6th, traversing through the city. As they approached the intersection of Blakemore Street and Hyde Park Avenue, the driver of the cruiser disregarded a red light, proceeding through the intersection with the cruiser’s blue lights activated. Unfortunately, during this maneuver, their vehicle was struck on the driver’s side by a car crossing from the side.

Journalists have reached out to both the Boston Police Department and Mayor Wu’s office seeking a response regarding whether her driver ran the red light. However, no official statements have been provided thus far. Nevertheless, surveillance footage clearly depicts the mayor’s cruiser proceeding through traffic that had a green light. The video further reveals one vehicle coming to a halt to avoid a collision, followed by a second car colliding with Wu’s vehicle as her driver attempted to make a left turn onto Hyde Park Avenue.

Boston City Hall has verified the involvement of Mayor Wu in the accident, even though her name was omitted from the official police report, referring to her as “a person known to the Commonwealth.” Fortunately, no severe injuries were reported among the individuals involved. The car that collided with the mayor’s cruiser carried a mother and her daughter. Boston 25 News has obtained images that depict Wu embracing them before they received medical attention from EMTs.

The Boston Police Department is currently conducting an investigation into the collision, as is customary for any accidents involving police vehicles. Images captured after the crash reveal a school bus positioned next to the impaired cruiser, emphasizing the significant dangers associated with running a red light, even when operating a police vehicle with activated lights.

While it is understood that first responders may occasionally need to assume such risks, there are likely to be inquiries into the frequency with which a mayor must urgently reach a destination, leaving no option but to proceed through a red light.