Pro-abortion Protesters Try To Storm Arizona State Capitol


Police were forced to deploy tear gas to separate the crowd gathering outside the Arizona state Capitol after a pro-abortion demonstration turned confrontational.

8,000 pro-abortion demonstrators showed up outside the Capitol in downtown Phoenix hours after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade on Friday. “Keep your Bible off my body,” “Why are old men making laws on my body” “forced birth is fascism,” “You’re killing us,” and “my body my rage,” were among the protest banners that were shown at the 7 o’clock demonstration.

On Friday night, when the state senate was in session, protesters gathered around the Arizona state Capitol.

Law police deemed the pro-abortion demonstration an unlawful assembly just before 9 o’clock.

Kari Lake, a Republican running for governor of Arizona, posted a video of the crowd outside the Capitol with the description:

“The left is showing everyone what a real ‘Insurrection’ looks like right now in Downtown Phoenix. This is domestic terrorism. The Arizona national guard should have been deployed hours ago, @DougDucey Arrest these animals immediately. They are out for blood.”

A video of demonstrators smashing on the window was posted by Republican state senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita.

To disperse the agitated gathering outside the Capitol, Department of Public Safety officers deployed tear gas.

“Our troopers were in the Senate lobby in full view of the rioters as they pounded on the glass,” the Department of Public Safety stated. “We believe they had every intention of getting inside the senate building.”

After demonstrators tried to break the glass outside the Senate building, the police used gas.

After that, the throng marched to Wesley Bolin Plaza, where various monuments had been defaced. Once more, gas was used to disperse the crowd.

Pro-abortion demonstrators made aggressive attempts to enter the structure. Visitors, employees, and members were relocated to a safe area.

While the Senate is again safe and secure, sadly, smoke and tear gas have entered the chambers.

On Friday night, there were multiple violent outbursts at pro-abortion demonstrations in a number of US cities.