These Are the States Where Abortion Is Now Banned


Clinics in several states allegedly stopped conducting abortions right away after the momentous Roe v. Wade decision.

After Roe, things won’t change in Democrat-run states like New York, though. The pro-life movement will still have a tough fight in these Democratic strongholds, where abortion is now illegal.

According to clinic sources in Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas, and Missouri, abortions are being stopped immediately in response to the Dobbs ruling, according to NPR national reporter Sarah McCammon. Additionally, McCammon was informed that Planned Parenthood no longer performs abortions in Arkansas.

Following the historic SCOTUS decision, abortion is now prohibited in Louisiana as of this Friday. It is one of 13 states with trigger laws in the United States, albeit most of them call for a waiting time or other steps before the restrictions take effect.

The trigger law was approved by Louisiana’s Democratic governor, John Bel Edwards, on June 21, and it will take effect the moment Roe v. Wade is completely or partially overturned by the US Supreme Court.

Democratic Monroe Sen. Katrina Jackson stated that Louisiana is dedicated to defending human life and assisting mothers after Edward signed her measure revising the state’s 2006 abortion trigger legislation on Tuesday. In 2020, 62 percent of Louisiana voters passed the Jackson-authored amendment to the state’s constitution that said there was no legal right to abortion and no financing for it.

Therefore, the three abortion facilities in Louisiana—Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, Women’s Health Care Center in New Orleans, and Hope Medical Group in Shreveport—must cease operations.