House GOP Warns Of China’s Rapid Expansion


The Biden administration insists that it has expressed its worries about Beijing’s covert, unclear arrangements in the area, despite House Republicans’ warnings that Beijing’s fast expansion and militarization of the Indo-Pacific poses a serious threat to the United States and its allies worldwide.

Lance Gooden, a Republican, co-wrote a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken with his fellow Republicans Nancy Mace, Ken Buck, Lisa McClain, and Louie Gohmert. It stated that if China is not restrained, the United States and its allies will be caught off guard and unable to counteract China’s presence in the area.

China has recently threatened nations who cooperate with the United States or its allies, demanded policy changes, and made unlawful maritime claims using pressure and intimidation.

The Solomon Islands, which recently signed a security agreement with China allowing the PRC to send military personnel and Chinese warships to utilize their ports for logistical replenishment, is one example Gooden gave of Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, visiting several Indo-Pacific nations in recent weeks to increase China’s military presence in the region.

Republicans and Gooden pressed Blinken to take all necessary steps to fortify current ties and create new ones in the strategically important Indo-Pacific area in order to offset China’s expanding clout.

Gooden cited the 1979 treaty between the United States and the Republic of Kiribati, which forbids Kiribati from opening up military sites to other parties without the United States’ consent.

In order to fight China, the Republican legislators asked the State Department to evaluate the existing treaties and accords in the Indo-Pacific area and get ready to use any existing privileges or powers we may have there.

Additionally, they asked the State Department to remind our regional allies that any deals with China will damage our alliance and limit our capacity to offer them military and foreign assistance.