Hero Weatherman Leaps Into The Sea To Help Save Boy From Drowning


This is the extraordinary moment a brave broadcaster jumps into the sea to save a 10-year-old child from drowning while live on television.

After observing the child struggling on turbulent waves in Queensland, Australia, the brave weatherman called off a live broadcast.

Paul Burt jumped into the water in Surfers Paradise on Thursday night to assist a group of beachgoers in bringing the youngster ashore.

The child was part of a Pakistani family who were pulled out to sea by a rip after swimming in an ocean gutter.

Burt checked on his live cross shortly after exiting the water and found the child was fine.

He remarked, “He got dragged out into this fierce gutter, and of course into this rip,”

“Being of a lightweight he managed to stay afloat and come in adjacent to the southern side of the gutter. About four or five of us jumped in and basically pulled him back to the beach. He’s living, he’s breathing, he’s conscious, he’s talking the ambulance here are doing their best to obviously keep him alert. There’s no doubt he would have taken a fair bit of water in.”

Burt has been warning swimmers about the risks of ocean gutters, which are the deeper sections of water between two sandbanks.

While others feverishly searched the riptide, it took the presenter about ten minutes to find the youngster.

Burt’s bold acts alarmed his filmmaking colleagues, who were concerned that he and the toddler may perish.