Woman Fatally Injured After Getting Stuck In Bread Machine For An Hour


A lady died in North Carolina after being trapped within an industrial bread machine for more than an hour, the state’s second such incident in three weeks.

At Azteca Market in Selma, Virginia López Severiano, 44, was cleaning an industrial food mixer used to produce bread when half of her body became caught inside the machine.

On Tuesday morning, first responders came on the spot and worked for about 90 minutes to liberate López Severiano.

According to a statement, the Selma Fire Department practically dismantled the equipment to free the victim.

According to Fire Chief Phillip McDaniel of WRAL, the laborious rescue that freed the worker required just tiny instruments. When López Severiano began cleaning, he noted the machine looked to be on.

López Severiano was transported to Duke University Hospital after being liberated, where physicians prepared to operate on her arm. She died that night as a result of her injuries.

Her distraught daughter used Facebook to announce the news and pay tribute to her mother. Miriam Amado-Lopez remembers her mother as kind, amusing, goofy, hardworking, attractive, a provider, a nurturer, and their family’s backbone.

“My mom is the best mother a girl could have. She taught me resilience, the importance of hard work, and she showed me what true love felt like. From a young age my mom did not have the easiest life. She started working at a young age to help support her family and eventually decided to travel hundreds of thousands of miles to try to give her family a better chance at a good life.”

Within the first day of being posted online, a GoFundMe campaign set up to help the family reached its $5,000 target. In another Facebook post, Amado-Lopez conveyed her family’s thanks for the contributions.

The incident is being investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This is the second death in a month at a North Carolina bread bakery caused by an industrial mixing machine.

Azteca Market’s spokesperson declined to comment.