Far-Left Actress Fired Over Vulgar Rant about Murdered Cop’s Funeral


A liberal actress couldn’t keep her mouth shut during the funeral of killed New York police officer Jason Rivera and launched into a nasty, aggressive tirade.

She shouted the worst thing she could because she couldn’t keep her lips shut, raving about why she didn’t think the city needed to be shut down for one cop.

She said in a post that we don’t need to close down the whole of Lower Manhattan just because one cop died, whom she thinks was performing his duties poorly. She also mentioned that very day, cops kill people under the age of 22 for no apparent reason, yet we don’t shut down the city to accommodate those innocent victims.

She further ranted that the shut down was utterly absurd, and if there will be some sort of emergency, no one can get through the blockage because of one cop.

Ms. Guzman was fired shortly after ranting about how inconvenient a traffic closure was and blaming the police officer for the officer’s death.

Face to Face Films, her employer, issued a statement via Facebook, saying that the  insensitive video featuring one of their members, Jacqueline Guzman, was recently brought to their attention. Face to Face Films reiterated that they do not tolerate and condone that kind of behavior and as an action, they have immediately removed Jacqueline Guzman as a member of their company.

Guzman’s Twitter account has now been removed. She was presumably subjected to a great deal of outrage and hate mail.

On Jan. 21, a New York City police officer named Jason Rivera was killed while responding to a domestic disturbance in Harlem. Another cop engaged in the call was also shot and died a few days later. It was a heinous double murder that stunned the city.

As a result, the entire city turned out for his burial, with people lining the street and a vast column of police officers marching to honor Mr. Rivera’s memory.