FORMER NYC MAYOR Makes REPULSIVE Announcement About His Marriage to Former Lesbian Wife of 29 Years

Former NYC Mayor Makes REPULSIVE Announcement About His Marriage!


Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made a public announcement on Wednesday, stating that he and his wife, Chirlane McCray, have decided to end their romantic relationship after being together for 29 years. However, they have chosen to continue their legal marriage and live together while pursuing relationships with other individuals.

It is worth noting that McCray publicly identified as a lesbian during the 1990s, prior to her marriage to de Blasio.

“For the guy who took the chance on the woman who was an out lesbian and wrote an article called ‘I Am a Lesbian,’ there was a part of me that would at times say, ‘Hmmm, is this like a time bomb ticking? Is this something that you’re going to regret later on?’ So I always lived with that stuff.”

De Blasio acknowledged that some of the challenges in their relationship could be attributed to his demanding role as the Mayor of New York City. He expressed that the constant demands of his busy schedule and the multitude of tasks associated with his position had an overwhelming effect, causing a loss of connection and vitality in their relationship.

In her conversation with the Times, McCray, who is 68 years old, discussed the unorthodox nature of their “separation” and expressed her desire for a more lighthearted and enjoyable experience in her life.

Addressing reporters outside their residence on Wednesday morning, McCray expressed that although this represents a significant change for them, she and Bill remain deeply in love. She emphasized that the decision to separate while staying married was a mutual one, and she believes it is the appropriate choice for their relationship.

“It’s one thing to make a decision, it’s another thing to think figuring out how it plays out, and we will be talking about that over the next months. I hope that we can be a model for how couples can communicate honestly about what their needs are and to conduct themselves when they find it’s time to move in another direction. I think that’s important.”

In 2020, de Blasio assigned McCray to the “Coronavirus Racial Inequality” task force in New York City with the aim of fostering a more equitable and just society as the city recovers from the pandemic.

In March 2021, McCray made a suggestion that New Yorkers should take proactive measures if they witness a hate crime, expressing that they should intervene to support their neighbors. In a tweet, she encouraged people to confront and counteract hateful violence or harassment targeting Asian American communities. McCray acknowledged that such situations can be intimidating and uncertain, but she also emphasized the importance of learning and taking action.