Far-Left Extremists Face Federal Charges For Allegedly Attacking Police With Fireworks

Far-Left Extremists CHARGED After Attacking Police With Fireworks!


A federal grand jury in Pennsylvania has charged two individuals who hold far-left political views with attacking law enforcement officers using fireworks and smoke bombs at a speaking event held at the University of Pittsburgh earlier this year.

The accused individuals, Brian DiPippa (aged 36) and his wife Krystal DiPippa (aged 40), were present during a protest that took place outside an event where Michael Knowles, a contributor to the Daily Wire, was speaking in April. Prosecutors allege that the couple targeted event attendees who were waiting in line by launching smoke bombs at them from a short distance.

According to the indictment, Brian DiPippa set off and released two improvised smoke bomb devices in the vicinity of a queue of people who were waiting to enter the O’Hara Student Center.

According to the indictment, Brian DiPippa allegedly harmed multiple Pitt Police officers by using fireworks to attack them while they were forming a barrier to prevent protesters from entering. The indictment states that Brian DiPippa, hidden by his wife Krystal DiPippa, ignited and threw a large explosive firework towards the group of Pitt officers, resulting in a loud explosion and causing injuries to several officers.

Following the explosion, video footage depicts officers quickly attempting to evacuate the area. In addition, protesters burned an effigy with Michael Knowles’ face attached and blocked off several streets until the Pitt Police cleared the area at approximately 10 p.m.

Brian and Krystal DiPippa are both being accused of federal charges related to their involvement in conspiracy and obstructing law enforcement during a civil disorder. Additionally, Brian DiPippa is specifically charged with utilizing an explosive device to commit a federal felony, which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years in prison.

“The university appreciates the diligence of law enforcement agencies that partnered on the investigation into the devices used during demonstrations on campus on April 18. The arrest of the suspects today marks the next step in the process, and we will continue to fully collaborate with federal agencies,” spokesperson Jared Stonesifer stated.