Americans Should Reconsider Travel To China Due To The Risk Of Wrongful Detention

U.S. State Department Issues DIRE Travel Advisory for China!


The US State Department has issued an updated travel advisory, urging Americans to reconsider their plans to travel to China due to the possibility of being wrongfully detained. The previous advisory categorized mainland China as a “Level 3: Reconsider Travel” destination, primarily due to the potential for arbitrary enforcement of local laws. The risk of wrongful detention was mentioned as a reason for US travelers to exercise increased caution in the previous advisory issued in March. A spokesperson from the State Department clarified that the advisory has been revised to advise US citizens to reconsider traveling to mainland China, as the Chinese government continues to engage in the practice of wrongfully detaining individuals.

“The Department of State has determined the risk of wrongful detention of U.S. nationals by the PRC government exists in the PRC,” both the late June and March advisories said.

The recent travel advisory update coincides with a period of increased tensions between the United States and China. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Beijing last month in an attempt to prevent the further deterioration of relations during a time of ongoing mistrust. Following the visit, Blinken stated during a press conference that the US and China had made some advancements in redirecting their relationship towards a more stable path, with both sides acknowledging the importance of stabilizing bilateral ties between these two influential nations.

Furthermore, the US Secretary of State also mentioned that he addressed the situations of three Americans, namely Kai Li, Mark Swidan, and David Lin, who are currently held in wrongful detention in China. He emphasized that negotiations are ongoing to seek their release. In the ongoing efforts to stabilize the relationship between China and the US, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is scheduled to visit Beijing this week.