Senior Citizen Stops Criminal by Pulling Off His Mask


In Campbell River, British Columbia, a senior citizen at a Walmart has become a living legend. It all started when a suspected shoplifter left Walmart with a cart full of merchandise without paying for it.

“Will you pay for all of that?” a man named Darrell Johansen questioned the masked burglar as he began recording the masked robber.

The man said, “Yes,” but then proceeded to get his bike and jolt out the Walmart doors.

Then, out of nowhere, a grandmother appeared and seized the perps ski mask. The man began to swing his head back and forth in an attempt to escape having his ski mask removed, but Granny was too powerful for the shoplifter and the shoplifter was apprehended.

After that, the older woman grabbed the cart and pulled it away from the shoplifter. The robber grabbed his book bag and left all of his stolen stuff behind after being exposed and overmatched.

‘You’re the reason why the prices are always going up,’ the older woman who exposed the alleged shoplifter said in the video. She then used numerous other strong obscenities to emphasize her frustration with the shoplifter.

A security guard was attacked three months ago at the same Walmart for preventing a shoplifter from stealing products, thus the woman was quite brave.

Last week, actor Michael Rapaport caught a man stealing a number of items from a Rite Aid in Manhattan.

Instead of intervening, Rapaport and a security guard stood there and watched the robber walk out of the Rite Aid. Rapaport even pursued the offender, spewing hate words to amuse his Instagram followers rather than actually catching him.