Did Biden Just Compare Himself to the Devil?


In an effort to prevent the Democrats from losing their slim majorities in the House and Senate in the forthcoming November midterm elections, President Joe Biden has been bringing up abortion nonstop. When Biden appeared to equate himself to the Devil on Sunday night, his strategy looked to become even more desperate and weird.

In his tweet, Biden cites his father’s advice to “don’t compare me to the Almighty,” presumably the Devil, rather than to “to the alternative,” The president continues, tweeting that “Democrats want to codify Roe. Republicans want a national ban on abortion,” and that “The choice is clear.” He then makes another, apparently unrelated allegation.

In addition to drawing a really strange parallel, Biden isn’t even being entirely honest. Through radical legislation known as the Women’s Health Protection Act, the Democrats don’t just want to “codify Roe v. Wade,” but also want to extend it (WHPA). The measure would nullify state-level pro-life legislation in addition to making abortion lawful without restrictions up until the moment of birth.

Additionally, the 15-week abortion ban that Biden is referring to is a countrywide prohibition on abortion, with few exceptions, to reflect the fact that fetuses can feel pain at this age and that the exceptionally cruel procedure is also riskier for women. The proposal was presented last month by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

The Sunday night tweet received a lot of attention, and as our partners at Twitchy pointed out, some people speculated that it may have been written by Biden himself because it was so absurd.

Other commenters brought up the fact that Democrats previously controlled Congress with a veto-proof majority yet still failed to pass similar legislation. This encompassed the early years of the Obama presidency, while Biden even held the vice presidency.

A more extreme stance from the Democratic Party has emerged in response to this urgency, rejecting not just the slogan of maintaining abortion safe, legal, and uncommon but also opposing the Hyde Amendment, which shields taxpayers from having to pay for elective abortions.