Dem Mayor in Hot Water After Troubling Display of Disrespect


After Austin Mayor Steve Adler passed out at the burial for Austin police officer Anthony Tony Martin, authorities and activists retaliated against him.

Different supporters said that the mayor of Austin disrespected the police officer’s family by acting carelessly.

On September 23, Martin was driving home from work after working the night shift when he was involved in an automobile accident.

The image of Austin Mayor Steve Adler dozing off went viral as his funeral was taking place.

The almost one-hour long burial ceremony for Martin was overshadowed by the mayor’s troubling behavior.

Berry also advised that Adler stop paying Austin’s police officers, which would have a noticeable effect on their families.

Berry also pointed out that Adler has previously disrespected the families of fallen police officers, therefore he should not have continued to do so by dozing off during their funerals.

Thomas Villarreal, the president of the Austin Police Association, said he had spoken to Adler about his behavior at the burial personally and that he would later have a further conversation with the mayor.

Due to his efforts to defund the city’s police, Adler has a tense relationship with the Austin Police Department.

Numerous Austin police personnel have departed their positions as a result of Adler’s direction. Similar to this, Adler’s anti-police stance led to the cancellation of many classes at the police academy in Austin.

The mayor, though, expressed regret after being discovered dozing off during the burial. Adler said he had the utmost respect for the family of the deceased police officer and said that for a very long time, Austin’s police forces would remember him as a hero.

Adler also said that, as a parent, he really related to the message of Martin’s girls.

Following Martin’s passing, his daughter Ashley claimed that her father was a courageous individual who made an effort to motivate others despite challenging circumstances.

Martin served in the US military for over two decades before enlisting in the police. He was a former member of the air force. He worked as a police officer for eight years, but his relationship with the Austin Police Department remained tense.

The inquiry into the auto accident is still ongoing.