Dem CA Gov Gavin Newsom Just Signed New Law That Helps Criminals


The ferocious Democrat governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has formally signed a bill that will help criminals by allowing prior arrests or convictions to be disguised from background checks into law. This kind of idiocy is what has degenerated California into a total and utter sewer.

Since no one in their right mind would consistently pass laws and programs that favor criminals over law-abiding individuals, liberalism must be some form of mental illness, according to logic.

The SB-731 law would, among other things, make it possible for someone who has been convicted of a felony to qualify for “automatic conviction relief.” However, it would not apply to those who are registered sex offenders or those who have committed a significant or violent offense. The individual must have completed probation and not been convicted of a further felony over the previous four years.

Among other qualifications, a person may also qualify for the arrest record relief if they have only ever been detained for a felony.

The offender must not be currently serving a sentence or have any “indication of pending criminal charge,” and he or she must not have a current record. On July 1st of the following year, it took effect.

The DOJ must then look over criminal records to find those who have convictions that match the requirements and who are eligible for automatic conviction record relief.

The law essentially allows someone who has previously been arrested or convicted of a crime to electronically seal those records so that the offenses do not appear in a criminal background check, even if it does not erase that person’s criminal record.

Concerned about the multitude of problems that could arise as a result of the policy, a lot of people have publicly spoken out against it.

There’s an adage that states past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior. But in a short while, these records will be sealed thanks to this quite radical bill.