Dem Congressman Sentenced To Prison For Election Fraud Scheme


Former Democratic lawmaker Michael Myers received a 30-month prison term for using fraud to advance party candidates.

The former congressman confessed his offenses when he pleaded guilty to casting an unlawful vote in a federal election, according to the district attorney’s office. Myers also admitted to violating his civil rights, fabricating voting records, bribery and corruption, hindering the administration of justice, and ballot stuffing operations.

The D.A. ‘s office noted that Myers had committed the offenses for which he had just been found guilty since 2014, when he began swaying Pennsylvania’s election in the democratic party.

Before being ousted for bribery, the former member served in the House from 1976 to 1980. In addition, he was sentenced to nearly three years in jail for his crime. That wasn’t enough to convince him to change, and he went right back to his old ways. A 2020 indictment claims that Myers paid Domecick Demuro, the Philadelphia election judge, to rig the results in favor of particular democrat candidates.

Furthermore, the democrat admitted to planning to rig the election with Marie Beren, another Philadelphia election judge. Myers additionally acknowledged that he provided his ally instructions to add votes to politicians he favored, including judicial candidates whose campaigns in fact recruited Myers and other candidates for different federal, state, and municipal political posts that Myers favored for a number of reasons.

This democrat has committed an unending litany of crimes, which begs the question of how many other puppets the so-called democrat party has used to rig elections.

Conservative Americans who argued that Biden did not win the election properly were correct; Myers is simply another tool of the Democratic Party. Biden is concerned that his identity may be discovered, which explains why he is so interested in finding the Americans who dared to protest so that he might try to quiet them.