Biden Searches Room for Deceased Congresswoman in Awkward Moment


Throughout his lengthy political career, Joe Biden has said and done a staggering number of extremely foolish things. But it appears that, particularly throughout his tenure as president, he has tried to outdo himself in the “Did he really say that? ” department each time he makes a public speaking appearance.

A seminar on hunger, nutrition, and health conducted on Wednesday at the White House provided the most recent unpleasant illustration.

Biden was speaking at the occasion, and it appears that his notes or the teleprompter instructed him to pay tribute to Jackie Walorski, a former representative from Indiana and co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus.

After reporting that the White House will play a tribute film in honor of Walorski, Politico writer Meredith Lee Hill, who was documenting the event, wrote on what really transpired. Hill offered Biden the benefit of the doubt, speculating that it’s possible he made those remarks without being aware that she died away in August.

Though it was revealed that Biden (and First Lady Jill Biden) were definitely notified of Walorski’s demise in a statement that was published on the White House website following her passing.

Hill later pointed out that Susan Rice, a Biden White House counselor, had cleaned up her words.

In a notorious 2008 video, then-Senator Joe Biden, who was also Barack Obama’s vice presidential running partner at the time, exhorted a Democratic state senator from Missouri to “stand up,” seemingly forgetting or failing to see that he was in a wheelchair.