Bill Clinton Smashes Dems For Rising Illegal Immigration


Former President Bill Clinton broke with the dominant Democratic position on the subject of open borders and escalating illegal immigration.

Under the Biden administration, the immigration situation grew to a very hazardous level, and Clinton argued that America could only accept a certain number of illegal immigrants.

Fareed Zakaria, the presenter of CNN’s podcast, questioned Clinton about the necessity for border control in the episode.

Additionally, Zakaria informed the previous president that many illegal immigrants were abusing the system by coming to the country for economic opportunities while feigning to be asylum seekers.

In response to Zakaria, Clinton pointed out that no community could accept an endless influx of illegal immigrants without causing disruptions to its own social order.

Clinton claims that the US system operates on the presumption that everything will return to normal, which is driving the current government to issue mass invitations to illegal immigrants.

The timing of Clinton’s remarks coincides with the huge influx of illegal immigrants at the US southern border.

Two million border crossings have already occurred in this fiscal year, not to add that more than 200,000 illegal immigrants attempted to enter the country in August alone.

Additionally, Clinton asserted that while during his boyhood Mexican immigrants frequently traveled between the United States and Mexico in order to work in agriculture, the situation has changed since then.

According to Clinton, America is now dealing with a huge influx of refugees as a result of the ongoing hostilities in Syria and Ukraine, in addition to several other global issues.

The previous president similarly talked about the recent spike in illegal immigration from Venezuela.

He also criticized Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, for taking illegal immigrants to safe havens, which prompted many other GOP governors to follow suit.

According to Clinton, the increase in illegal immigration from Colombia and other adjacent nations gave Abbott the chance to focus on the cities that did not share his political philosophies.

Clinton also pointed out that Ron DeSantis’ plan to ship 50 illegal immigrants to the opulent island of Martha’s Vineyard would ultimately backfire.

As the president of the United States in 1995, Clinton previously admitted that increasing illegal immigration disturbs all Americans equally.