Biden Praises Coast Guard Who Expects To Be Fired Over Vax Mandate


An account of the response to Hurricane Ian demonstrates the complete absurdity of Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine policies.

First responders have performed many selfless deeds in an effort to assist hurricane victims.

In a press statement, Joe Biden praised the bravery of one of the first responders, Aviation Survival Technician Second Class Zach Loesch of the Coast Guard.

Lieutenant Commander Christopher Hooper and Loesch collaborated on his rescue.

The couple were thanked for their bravery along with that of their Coast Guard comrades during the search and rescue operations in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

The President praised them for saving lives and requested a report on the ongoing efforts to save Floridians, according to the press release.

He also enquired as to if they required any further assistance that he might offer to speed up successful rescues; they replied that they had everything they required to successfully complete their crucial job.

Even Biden called him and expressed gratitude. 

Loesch is one of more than 2,000 members of the Coast Guard that Biden is set to discharge from the service for not having the required vaccinations, despite the fact that Biden just hailed him for saving lives. Joe Biden is about to prevent Loesch from doing what he can to save Americans, but he is offering him some support.

After the call with Biden, Loesch indicated he was about to be fired and he made a salient point. Loesch requests a religious exemption, but it has not been approved.

Loesch stated that he did not think it was proper to bring up his impending dismissal during his phone discussion with Biden.

During the operation, Loesch freed a trapped couple—a crippled woman and her husband—from their home’s bedroom. To reach the pair, the rescue swimmer was compelled to punch through a wall.

After that, according to Loesch, he fastened the woman to his body while she was still in her wheelchair and hauled her to a waiting aircraft. He also prevented the deaths of several local animals.