Canada Bans All Handguns


As the debate over gun control rages in the United States, Canada’s far-left leader Justin Trudeau has come out and said that the country would enact strict new gun laws.

Trudeau was recently on the verge of losing power due to trucker demonstrations, so he declared martial law. He even ordered his administration to freeze the bank accounts of protesters’ supporters, in violation of Canadian law.

Trudeau has declared a moratorium on the purchase, sale, gifting, or importation of firearms into Canada.

He made the announcement during a news conference on Monday, shocking Canadians who believed they still lived in a democracy with some liberties.

As he announced the limits at a press conference, the smooth-talking Trudeau appeared extremely happy with himself. Law enforcement and gun safety activists, he asserted, had been demanding them for years.

At the conference, Trudeau professed to appreciate gun owners, stating he understands the great majority aren’t harming anyone.

Nevertheless, he claims that since shooting as a pastime or possessing firearms for hunting are the only valid reasons for owning a weapon, there is no need for Canadians to require other types of weaponry.

That’s why he also declared that all long weapons would be limited to five bullets per magazine. Red flag regulations will also be tightened to make it easier for the government to take weapons away from persons who are deemed a risk to themselves or others.

These gun restriction proposals, as well as tougher penalties for gun offenses, were introduced into Canada’s legislature on Monday. If enacted, they’ll take effect in a few months.