Viral Video Shows Woke Entitled Army Soldier Losing Her Mind


A video that went viral on Twitter over the weekend showed a black lady of unknown rank completely out of control at a gym. Her race and gender are important because the more intersectional points one claims, the more power they have in any circumstance. Clearly, this lady has spent her entire life feeling oppressed and empowered in order to behave in such a rash manner.

It is unclear what starts the conversation, but after she’s down the stairs, the explicit language really starts to build up.

When a white male tries to divert her, she swings around and gets in his face, screaming “Don’t touch me!”

“It’s astounding that anyone viewing this can say that this young black girl is oppressed when she has the audacity to attempt such a revolting display of incivility, crassness, and open insubordination. Here, there is no dread of the man.

We’ve seen this movie dozens of times and know how it ends every time. After her alleged reputation is allegedly harmed, an emotionally unstable narcissist goes full mad in an erratic, delusional, and absolutely uncalled for diatribe. The ultimate effect is a theatrical show of superiority since wokesters always feel entitled to their feelings, regardless of any truth or worth.

Last year, when Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley ranted and screamed to Congress about so-called white anger and defended the practice of pushing members of the Armed Forces to accept racial essentialism, signs of the military’s awakening began to emerge.