A Drunken CNN Rant Against Bill de Blasio Sets the Internet on Fire


Well, 2021 has here, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. While most people were presumably sound asleep by the time the clock struck midnight, there were New Year’s Eve celebrations taking place around the country. One of the more traditionally memorable events in New York City was canceled due to low turnout and vaccination passports.

Since the installation of those all-important vaccination passports, the number of COVID-19 cases in New York has increased by 1,324 percent. And it’s possible that doubling back on irrational failure is what led to the internet-scorching drunken outburst on CNN this morning.

Andy Cohen, a Bravo TV presenter, seemed to be pleased to see previous Mayor Bill de Blasio retire from office.

The reaction has been nearly unanimously positive. From his woke socialist policies that transformed the city into a crime-ridden hellhole to his dreadfully poor management of the coronavirus, Bill de Blasio was an utterly horrible mayor.

In 2013 and 2017, the city of New York elected de Blasio with 73 percent and 66 percent of the vote, respectively. Democrat Eric Adams received 67 percent of the vote in the election just a few months ago. That would be Mayor de Blasio’s ineffectual and business-killing vaccination mandate.

Residents of New York City, for the most part, have continued to fall into the same trap they have since Rudy Giuliani left office. Why elect someone who agrees with de Blasio on 90% of everything, with the possible exception of policing, if he was so horrible. I wouldn’t depend on Adams maintaining his promise on that subject, however, given the tendency for Democrats to go further left if elected.