Capitol Police Chief Says Force Remains Short Staffed


The chief of the Capitol Police, J. Thomas Manger, said Sunday that changes have improved his force’s ability to respond to an assault like the one that happened on January 6, but that his unit is severely understaffed.

Manger, who took over the top job in July, said the ranks had been diminished by attrition blamed on the Jan. 6 assaults, and that there were fewer new trainees due to a longer Covid halt in 2020.

Following the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, Manger claimed threats against members of Congress had grown immensely, but that emergency preparedness had improved, and that the Capitol Police will substantially benefit from being able to immediately call out the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department. President Joe Biden signed a policy change into law regarding the National Guard.

Manger, who most previously served as the police chief of Maryland’s neighbouring Montgomery County, stepped out of retirement to oversee the Capitol Police. Gallagher questioned him about his feelings as a civilian witness to the events on January 6.