Biden Makes Embarrassing Mistake While Signing New Bill to Fight Dementia


During a signing ceremony for legislation to finance research on neurodegenerative illnesses like Lou Gehrig’s disease, Joe Biden had an unpleasant brain malfunction.

There is considerable conjecture that Biden, who is the oldest person ever to be elected president of the United States, is suffering from serious mental illness.

Former White House physician under both Obama and Trump, Ronny Jackson, has likewise cautioned Americans that Biden’s mental health is gravely ill.

When the next presidential election will take place in November 2024, Biden will be 82 years old.

Hunter Biden’s private text exchanges leaked, including frequent jokes to his therapist about his father’s dementia.

During the signing ceremony, Biden made an error in identifying the government entity in charge of the research.

President Joe Biden mentioned, “The Defense Department has something called the Defense Advanced Research Agency, DARPA.”

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is the official name of the organization. It looks that either the teleprompter didn’t say “Projects” or Biden completely missed it.

This isn’t the first time Biden has forgotten what DARPA means. In May, he made a similar blunder.