Yuma Hospital Saddled With Massive Unpaid Bill for Taking Care of Illegal Immigrants

Border Crisis Leaves Hospital With Unpaid Bills - Closing Down?


The Yuma Sector of the southern border has been one of the busiest areas for unauthorized crossings, and as a result, the Yuma Regional Medical Center has over $20 million in outstanding expenses from treating persons who get sick or injured while trying to enter the United States.

“People always think they’re coming in with coughs and colds, but that’s not really the case,” President Dr. Robert Transchel told “Fox & Friends” on Friday. “You have individuals come in that need dialysis, that need heart surgery, that need cardiac catheterization. We’ve had women come into our labor and delivery unit that have delivered infants that need to be in the neonatal ICU for sometimes months at a time.”

Transchel claims that as of right now, neither Arizona nor the federal government of the United States is willing to pay for the services the hospital has rendered.

“It’s an unsustainable business model to have your expenses increased by an external entity consistently and increasingly without any concomitant revenue source,” he explained.

Over 25,000 illegal aliens have been intercepted by the Yuma Sector’s Border Patrol thus far in this fiscal year, which began in October. The vast majority are not from Mexico or the Latin American nations of the Northern Triangle. This past week, the Yuma Sector experienced a rise in illegal immigration as people entered the country under the impression that Title 42 had been lifted while, in fact, it had been extended pending a judgment by the US Supreme Court.