WH Press Secretary Struggles With Response – Can’t Name One Thing!

WH Press Secretary Struggles With Response - Can't Name One Thing!


Karine Jean-Pierre, the Press Secretary who filled Psaki’s shoes after she departed her position as the White House Press Secretary, has continued to lower the bar ever since Psaki set it relatively low after leaving her position.

The current White House Press Secretary has performed abjectly thus far, and the timing of her most recent error for both her staff and the Biden Administration could not have been worse. KJP was asked a question on the situation because the border was a huge chaos, but she utterly blew the chance.

Many people might not be aware of this, but Vice President Kamala Harris is actually the southern region’s “Border Czar” and is in charge of handling its problems. Given that she hasn’t done almost anything yet, Kamala Harris’ role may not be well known.

To make matters worse, when a reporter from the Washington Post asked during a press conference at the White House what the Vice President was doing to resolve the problem at the border, Joe Biden’s press secretary was at a loss for words.

Karine Jean-Pierre was pressed by the Washington Post during the press conference, “The President tasked the Vice President with studying and working on the root causes of some of these issues. I’m wondering if there’s any update from this side of the White House on what she’s been doing and what she will continue to do as we’re expecting an influx at the border after Wednesday.”

“I don’t have anything to lay out specifically on what that work looks like,” Jean-Pierre told the reporter.

“You’re right, that has been her charge, to work in a diplomatic way on finding the root causes of — of migration,” only shifting more of the vice president’s fault.

Karine Jean-Pierre did not respond to all of the questions during the news conference. In addition, the White House Press Secretary declined to comment on Joe Biden’s position on Title 42.

A Trump-era provision called Title 42 gives the federal government the authority to close the border in an emergency. In the instance of Trump, the border was closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, preventing many people who had crossed the border from requesting asylum in the US.

There is currently enough fentanyl at the border that can kill every individual in the United States of America, according to the DHS. Which, according to others, may be sufficient justification for reinstituting Trump’s COVID-era policy.

As the situation at the border only becomes worse, many people have started to voice their opinions. Even a Hollywood celebrity expressed their displeasure with the border’s human rights abuses.