Woman Suspects Something Eerie Happened to Her Missing Friend

A Total MYSTERY - Where Did She Go?!


A Colombian-American woman residing in Madrid, Spain, vanished on February 2. Before her disappearance, an individual wearing a motorcycle helmet allegedly vandalized the surveillance cameras near her apartment. Concerns arise as her companion, scheduled to join her shortly, fears something ominous may have befallen her friend.

Sanna Rameau reported to Fox News that she received a peculiar text message on February 3. She asserted that the message was formulated strangely and conveyed information that seemed uncharacteristic of her friend and travel companion, Ana Maria Knezevic. Rameau explained that she had intended to rendezvous with Knezevic in Barcelona when she received the message from Knezevic’s phone, stating that she had encountered a man in Madrid and intended to spend a few days at his summer residence.

Both residents of Ft. Lauderdale, Rameau and Knezevic supposedly crossed paths at a social gathering in Florida and swiftly developed a strong friendship bonded by their mutual passion for exploration. Residing close to each other, they frequently engaged in social interactions and embarked on joint travels to destinations including Croatia, France, and Majorca during the preceding summer. Their next planned stop was Barcelona, continuing their shared journey.

Knezevic had purchased tickets for the journey in advance, but according to News Nation Now, she failed to arrive at the train station as planned. The report also highlighted earlier voice messages wherein she discussed her quest for a new apartment in the vicinity and her imminent rendezvous with Rameau in Barcelona, further supporting the notion that she wouldn’t abruptly alter her plans for a recent acquaintance. 

Brandee Smith, another close friend, concurred, finding the messages atypical and stressing that it’s uncharacteristic of Knezevic to go without checking in for such an extended period.

Reportedly, Knezevic had ventured overseas to recover from a recent divorce. Despite his whereabouts being in Serbia, as indicated by his relatives, her ex-husband has conspicuously refrained from actively participating in efforts to locate her.