Dems Introduce New Bill Requiring Insurance Companies to Rat Out Law Abiding Citizens

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California possesses some of the most stringent firearm regulations nationwide. Nonetheless, it remains the state with the highest incidence of mass shootings, as reported by Statista. A Democratic lawmaker has proposed a fresh legislation mandating insurance companies to inquire about clients’ firearm ownership.

Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D) put forth AB 3067 on February 16. This proposed law could position California as the pioneer in associating insurance policies with firearm possession. The bill mandates insurance providers to incorporate inquiries regarding the storage and existence of firearms in applications for renters’ and homeowners’ insurance. Its scope expands beyond dwellings, encompassing inquiries about firearms stored in vehicles or auxiliary structures such as sheds on the premises.

The legislation would explicitly require insurers to inquire about the presence and quantity of firearms on the premises. Additionally, it would inquire about the storage of firearms in locked containers when not in use.

Insurance firms would be obligated to report the gathered data to both the Legislature and the Department of Insurance. Nevertheless, according to the bill, insurers are prohibited from disclosing identifying details such as names, phone numbers, or addresses.

AB 3067 prompts worries by focusing on law-abiding gun owners exercising their constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment rights. Additionally, it could lead to insurance companies charging higher premiums to gun owners solely based on their legal possession of firearms on their property. The legislation lacks explicit provisions preventing insurers from increasing premiums for gun owners.

Chuck Michel, president of the California Rifle and Pistol Association, stated to The Post Millennial that the bill stems from progressive politicians unwilling to acknowledge the Supreme Court’s 2022 ruling that broadened gun rights. He accused them of employing various creative tactics to circumvent this mandate.