White House Stammers After Reporter Nails Illegal Immigration Question


Most members of the White House press corps aren’t interested in posing difficult queries, and they aren’t interested in posing difficult follow-up queries either. The exception is Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who asked the ideal question on illegal immigration and left Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre searching through her study materials.

The scenario is that in August 2022, top tennis player Novak Djokovic would be refused admission to the United States. Yes, it appears that international visitors who haven’t had a coronavirus vaccination are still prohibited from entering the nation. Despite heaps of evidence to the contrary and multiple admissions by even the most fervent COVID zealots, immunizations do not prevent the virus from spreading.

Doocy took that information and questioned Jean-Pierre on Monday about the administration’s decision to ban Djokovic while allowing unvaccinated illegal immigrants to enter the interior of the nation. She was so agitated that she not only ran into a rhetorical door but also had no answer.

Doocy is undoubtedly true that those who are actually just going across the border are what drives illegal immigration. Jean-Pierre falls into the apparent trap by claiming that’s not happening while in fact, that’s precisely what’s happening since he doesn’t have a planned response available.

But things become worse near the conclusion when Doocy presses Jean-Pierre some more and she goes back to her binder to recite a written statement about what the government has allegedly done about border security. Doocy’s question, though, was unrelated to border security. He was inquiring about the absurd COVID rules that penalize healthy, lawful tourists like Djokovic while permitting large numbers of unvaccinated illegal immigrants to be allowed into the interior of the nation. There isn’t a response that could make the circumstance make sense, so Jean-Pierre is at a loss for words.

Returning to her habit of reading prepared responses, Jean-Pierre repeated the action in response to a query concerning the 13 military personnel who lost their lives in Afghanistan last year as a result of Joe Biden’s ineffective retreat.