Conservative Journalist Hilariously Mocks Woke Entertainer


The black, morbidly obese musician Lizzo recently went on a rage, insisting that she was being oppressed—while accepting an award, mind you. Despite having won a prestigious prize and residing in perhaps the finest nation on Earth for someone in any one of those categories, much less all three taken together, the fat African-American girl claimed to be a victim of oppression. Perhaps the juvenile soldiers in the Congo and the Middle Eastern ladies who were executed for driving would disagree.

In any event, Lizzo made the absurd assertion when presenting the “Video for Good” award at the MTV VMAs, telling the crowd, “B****! Thank you so much, thank you to Christian, who directed the video, Kenny. I don’t know what Music Video for Good means, but I do know what your vote means, and that’s a f***ing lot. Your vote means everything to me, it means everything to making a change in this country. So remember, when you’re voting for your favorite artist, vote to change some of these laws that are oppressing us.“

She is a very intelligent, articulate scholar who is aware of how those laws are “oppressing” her. Or perhaps she’s simply an idiot. When she claimed she had no idea what the award was for, began her remarks with the word “bit**es,” and then proceeded on yet another irate diatribe, stating things like, “And now, to the b****es that got something to say about me in this dress — You know what? I’m not going to say nothing. They be like ‘Lizzo, why don’t you clap back? Why don’t you clap back?’ Because b**** this is winning ho!.”

Naturally, Lizzo’s remarks received criticism from the right; arguably the funniest and finest answer to Lizzo’s absurd outburst was provided by Mollie Hemmingway of The Federalist.

During a conversation with Greg Gutfeld of Fox News Channel about the pop artist and her possible health issues, Hemmingway made the joke that Lizzo’s arteries, not her, are the ones who are oppressed.