WH Touting Biden’s Efforts on Vaccinations, Schools


The White House is set to send a year-end statement to congressional Democrats claiming America is better off now than it was when President Donald Trump left office, Axios is reporting.

The statement, “2021: POTUS Delivered Results for Working Families,” touts President Joe Biden’s efforts on various issues, including COVID-19 vaccinations, unemployment, child poverty, school openings, and economic growth.

“In spite of unprecedented crisis and opposition from congressional Republicans, President Biden, Vice President [Kamala] Harris and congressional Democrats got an enormous amount done for the American people in 2021,” the statement said.

“The administration stood up a historic COVID-19 vaccination program — funded by the American Rescue Plan — that’s gotten 490 million shots in arms, and saved 1.1 million American lives and prevented 10.3 million hospitalizations.

“The president has taken action to address supply chain blockages and address price increases, including a historic release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and signing a Competition Executive Order that is already lowering the prices of hearing aids.

“And [Biden and congressional Democrats] worked across the aisle to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to rebuild roads and bridges, replace lead pipes, and create millions of good-paying jobs.”

On vaccinations, the statement notes: “Before President Biden took office, less than 1% of Americans were fully vaccinated. Today: More than 71% of American adults are fully vaccinated.”

On schools it says: “Before President Biden took office only 46% of schools were open. Today, 99% of schools are open.”

And on unemployment it points out that when Biden took office more than 18 million people were receiving unemployment benefits, compared to today where only 2 million people are.

The statement makes no mention of Biden’s failure to get his Build Back Better Act approved.

Despite West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin’s announcement on Monday that he would vote no on the act, a report by Politico indicates that conversations between Manchin and the White House about the bill would resume in the new year.

Meanwhile, Axios says, Republicans are expected to regain control of the House in next year’s midterms and are planning a number of probes of the Biden administration, including one into the withdrawal from Afghanistan.