Ports are So Backed Up Halloween Costumes are Still Coming Through Them


Two of Team Brandon’s greatest failures were the backup at the LA port and the snarling American supply chains. Americans witnessed image after image of ships awaiting to unload off the California coast when supply chain and inflation concerns first became serious.

Since then, the shipping issue has been largely forgotten. Brandon declared success and most news sources stopped reporting on it. Regime media blames inflation rather than supply chain failure for the inflation’

Although many people seem to have forgotten about the crisis it is still very much alive. The situation is so dire that Halloween costumes are still being unloaded even though it has been over a week since the season ended.

Freight Waves is a shipping-focused website that published a report on December 14, 2012.

Many Americans are unaware that a single container can hold hundreds of different products when they look at the millions of containers that pass through our nation’s ports. Logistics companies like C.H. Robinson is under pressure to meet their customers’ holiday deadlines. Employees from Robinson are being dispatched to open these containers and sift out time-sensitive commodities in order to get them on store shelves as soon as possible.

Noah Hoffman, vice president of North American Surface Transportation for C.H. Robinson, said “One of the unusual things we’re doing is using our warehouse space in port towns to sort their containers and pick out the most critical items,”

He also mentioned that all the Christmas merchandise should have been available well before Black Friday. This year was different because Christmas merchandise is still on its way. To have an idea of how backed up it is, look at the fact that Halloween costumes are still coming through the ports as of this time.

Because supply lines are so clogged and items are so late, ports are concurrently unloading Halloween and Valentine’s Day merchandise, anxiously attempting to sort through what is most important and must be discharged immediately versus what can wait.