Voters Already Have Buyer’s Remorse

Instant REGRET? They've TURNED On Him ALREADY!


Chicago has been under the influence of Democratic leaders for an extended period. The predominantly Democratic city ousted its mayor earlier this year, and there are indications that they are considering a similar fate for the current officeholder.

Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago centered his campaign on an optimistic message, expressing his belief that the residents could collectively strive for a better, stronger, and safer city under his leadership. However, several months into his term, the citizens of The Windy City appear unimpressed with the outcomes thus far.

Recent polls reveal that Mayor Johnson currently holds a 28% approval rating. The Illinois Policy Institute conducted a survey of 800 registered voters within the city. This places him among the least popular mayors in Chicago since 1979.

Among individuals aged 40-49, the new mayor has the lowest approval rating at 24%. In contrast, voters between the ages of 18 to 29 have given him a slightly higher approval rating of 32%.

The detailed analysis of the poll indicates that a majority, specifically 66% of voters, express disapproval of the mayor’s approach to managing crime and public safety. Regarding housing and homelessness, 63% of voters are dissatisfied with the mayor’s handling of the situation. Furthermore, 64% express frustration with the mayor’s response to the migrant crisis.

Traditionally, mayors tend to enjoy popularity at this stage in their terms. However, this doesn’t hold true for the Democratic mayor, whose approval rating is only one point higher than former Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s rating when she faced defeat in her reelection campaign.

The current approval rating marks a significant shift for the mayor, who secured election with over 50% of the vote just a few months ago. In April, 45.7% of voters aged 35 to 49 approved of him, and during the runoff election, an impressive 58.2% of voters aged 18 to 34 expressed their approval.