Former Left-Wing Editor Arrested for Having Inappropriate Content of Children

Former Left-Wing Chief ARRESTED - His Crimes Are DISGUSTING


The previous editor-in-chief of a left-leaning publication has recently been arrested on charges of possessing child pornography. There are suspicions that this person might have been involved in both the creation and distribution of such disturbing content to others. Law enforcement officials apprehended him at his residence, and, with the authorization of a search warrant, seized the individual’s electronic devices.

Two counts of possessing child pornography and two counts of displaying child pornography are brought against Slade Sohmer. On June 16, the Berkshire County Law Enforcement Task Force launched an investigation into their suspect following an online tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The defendant purportedly sent a questionable video via Snapchat in September. Law enforcement executed a search warrant on October 17, confiscating numerous phones and other electronic devices.

It is alleged that explicit video of children—some of whom may have been as young as three—being beaten and coerced into sexual acts was on Sohmer’s phone. Police have identified the child that Sohmer allegedly recorded, and at least one video’s source could be linked to the user’s IP address. This could mean that additional charges are brought against the already-charged individual. Additionally, evidence points to the distribution of at least 53 child-themed videos by him.

Prior to The Recount’s October reorganization in order to change its emphasis, Sohmer served as the publication’s editor in chief. Beginning in 2010, the alleged pedophile also served as co-director of Camp Power, a non-profit children’s organization with headquarters in New York.

The organization provides “freedom and encouragement” that impoverished children may not get at home, focusing on those in need of community support.

In Sohmer’s case, the judge decided to set $100,000 bail with the stipulation that the suspect be prohibited from using the internet or interacting with minors. He has to consent to the court tracking his whereabouts.