US, Allies Brought Down Over 2 Dozen Houthi Drones

Drones BROUGHT DOWN - Big Military Announcement


In a recent collaborative effort, American troops joined forces with their French and British counterparts in a significant operation targeting Houthi rebels across the Middle East. As reported by the US Central Command (CENTCOM), the multinational coalition effectively neutralized 28 drones under militia control in the Red Sea region on March 9th.

According to reports, allied forces were reacting to intelligence indicating that Houthi terrorists, backed by Iran, were planning to carry out a significant UAV attack on the same night. CENTCOM stated that these drones posed an urgent and grave threat to both merchant vessels and military ships in the area.

Yemeni General Yahya Sarea, who doubles as a spokesperson for the Houthis, claimed responsibility for the attack in a live television address the following day. Sarea allegedly stated that the extremist group had aimed to specifically strike US war destroyers using a fleet of 37 drones.

The whereabouts of the remaining nine drones after the coalition brought down the other 28 were not immediately discernible. Nonetheless, in a separate announcement, CENTCOM verified that no damage was inflicted upon US Navy vessels, allied military ships, or commercial boats during the thwarted assault.

At least four different combat drones that were headed for ships taking part in the European Aspides mission were intercepted by the French Navy, officially known as the Marine Nationale. One of the ships that was attacked was the Barbadian ship True Confidence, which suffered at least three casualties after being attacked on March 6th by Houthi rebels using anti-ship missiles.

According to intelligence assessments, there’s a chance that the extremist organization made a mistake and tried to attack the Singaporean ship Propel Fortune recently. United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) states that on March 4, the crew heard at least two explosions, only one of which resulted in any immediate harm. 

The Red Sea and Gulf of Aden events are still being reported by coalition troops through a variety of channels. The leaders of the Houthi movement insist they have no plans to back down, even if it appears that many of these assaults are being investigated. During his television appearance, Sarea actually declared that they would keep going until the assault ceased and the siege against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip was removed.