High Schooler Refuses to Take Down US Flag From His Truck

Teen DEFIES School Order - US Flag STAYS!


An Indiana high school student gained widespread attention after he declined to adhere to his school’s request to remove the American flag displayed on his truck. As a result, the school district reconsidered their decision and ultimately reversed it.

Cameron Blasek, a senior at East Central High School in St. Leon, Indiana, recounted an incident where his guidance counselor and a vice principal instructed him to take down the flag from his truck. Blasek stated that he was pulled aside and informed that displaying the flag was against school regulations. He alleged that school officials expressed concerns that allowing the American flag on his truck might lead other students to display flags that could be considered offensive on their vehicles.

Blasek refused, stating that it was not going to occur. After reviewing the school’s 2023-2024 handbook, he found no regulations prohibiting the display of the American flag in the parking area.

During an interview with local media, Blasek discussed the symbolism of the flag, describing it as a representation of this magnificent nation and honoring those who have perished defending it. He stressed the significance of acknowledging the flag’s meaning and the sacrifices individuals have made for it, even though it might be a challenging topic to address.

Following Blasek’s refusal to take down the flag, his story gained widespread attention online, with some posts garnering up to six million views within days. Fellow students at his school demonstrated their solidarity with Blasek by displaying American flags on their vehicles, a gesture that took him by surprise.

The school swiftly initiated damage control measures, aiming to quell the controversy by issuing a letter to parents stating that students are permitted to exhibit the American flag in the parking lot, provided it adheres to the U.S. flag code. Principal Tom Black issued an apology, attributing the initial confusion to a lack of clarity. Black asserted that no staff member at the high school had ever indicated or implied that the American flag was offensive.