Ukraine Vows Not To Give An Inch To Russia


In a passionate address yesterday, Zelensky declared Ukraine would not cede an inch to Russia as his country’s forces was strained to breaking point.

“They want to destroy everything there,” the president stated, adding that Russia has committed all of its remaining power into striking the Donbas.

He requested more heavy weaponry to assist in driving President Vladimir Putin’s soldiers out of seized regions and bringing peace to Ukraine and the rest of the world.

It occurred as Russia began attacking fresh targets in the southern city of Zaporizhzhia, where a retail mall and residential sector were attacked for the first time. Three people were murdered and one was wounded.

Bombardments from five different directions continued to fall on besieged Donbas in the east. Bakhmut and Kramatorsk were both struck.

In Severodonetsk, Ukrainian forces are engaged in a battle called “The New Mariupol” after the besieged port city.

They have control of the main highway, but it is a Russian objective, and Ukrainian military authorities threatened large-scale counter-attacks yesterday.

Shelling was continuous, according to US combat medic Dallas Anthony Case, who recently returned from training Ukrainian soldiers in the area.

Russia has also targeted the nearby city of Lysychansk, seizing some communities in recent days, prompting Ukrainians to flee.

President Zelensky declared that Russia must leave all occupied regions, including Kherson, Melitopol, Enerhodar, and Mariupol, before adding that the ejection would also include all other cities and localities where they are still claiming ownership.

Anastasia Radina, a Ukrainian MP, said Germany’s vow to provide anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine by July was too sluggish.

Meanwhile, Putin saw injured Russian servicemen for the first time yesterday at a Moscow hospital.